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Brand Refresh Campaign


Spearheaded a transformative branding campaign "幫你諗新鮮感", aimed at rejuvenating our brand image and introducing over a hundred crossover new products with suppliers. We adopted a humorous creative approach which is a departure from our previous campaigns, to ensure our messaging stands out in the market and use BTL and ATL execution to entertain our audience throughout the entire journey.


Where Online and Offline Converge

Reach and Relevance
Generate immediate campaign awareness in the market.

*Ensure our exposure with optimal Reach & Frequency
*Maintain our market presence via the High Reach and on targeted platform to maximize our coverage 

Extend our video coverage in the key online video platforms, Youtube & ViuTV

Programmatic and Interactive Banner to keep engaging our audience

Maximize our coverage in TV Channels for generate campaign awareness

Press ad

22Sep(Fri)-Brand Cross Over-SingTao-Low.jpg
22Sep(Fri)-Brand Cross Over-AM730-Low.jpg

Engagement - Induce impulse purchase

*Ensure our findability
Maintain our presence @ the mass / informative channels to generate WOM

Engage mass audience via contents, especially 3 rd party page


Impress our audience via Own Facebook & IG channel for brand recall and sustain the campaign awareness

Chatbot with instore coupon to engage our audience purchase the product "Have a try"

Tell and lead our audience to learn more about
exclusive and unique product

TVC with weekly key promotion highlight

【#幫你諗新鮮感 大癲創意薯片等緊你🔥 】

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