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Content Rebuilding

Rebuilding different content pillars including education, own brand culture, trust relationship, and flash promotion.

-Own Brand product development -

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Create Inhouse UNBOX video and interview reporting to attract audience attention. Soft Selling content is one of the way to build customer trust & loyalty

Own Brand Product development

Own Brand Product development
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【阿鴻小吃暫定年尾結業! 推出料理包永久保留滋味🤤 】
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【小編直擊:SLOWOOD進駐九龍 ! 又一城TASTE超市設專櫃😍】
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😍獨家發售!LINE FRIENDS新年禮盒開箱!
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-Flash Promotion -


Encourage our Online Customers to Go Offline. Customers who commented on the FB post would receive the coupons in their Facebook inbox. Then redeem the offer/ freebie upon any purchase at stores.

-Education with Cooking & nutrition tips

Teach our customers "What they need; How to Buy" concept from educational content